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physics tuition

Effective Physics Tuition helps you get ahead

If you have been having a difficult time at school because of Physics, let our experienced and qualified private home tutors guide you to exam success. 


Don’t let the difficult syllabus overwhelm you. When you can clearly understand the syllabus and Physics exam requirements, your grades will improve.

Are you learning smart?
Our tutors will teach you how to, during home tuition.

Over 80% of our students achieve between 1 to 3 grade improvements within the same semester that they start professional tuition by Physics experts

We show you tutor profiles only when the shortlisted tuition teachers have consistent, strong, and proven track records in conducting effective tuition sessions.

* based on positive feedback and good comments from parents and students.

Benefit from our experience

Effective Tuition is very confident that you will succeed.  


We had helped over 100,000 students since 2007 to find their perfect tutor.


WE KNOW WHAT WORKS, when we interview and shortlist Physics tuition teachers for you.

Biggest tutor database in Singapore - we have 36,000 qualified tutors

We work fast, so that your Physics tuition sessions can start soon. Having a reliable academic mentor is extremely rewarding and reassuring.



Our committed tutors are very familiar with the latest MOE syllabus, exam requirements and marking schemes.


They teach because they are passionate about education, and have between 2 to over 30 years of tutoring experience.


When they were students, they scored A’s for Physics, so they know how to reliably guide you to also achieve your own A’s.

Hire Effective Physics Tuition Teacher

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effective tuition


* Based on feedback and reviews from parents and students

In school, you are not able to choose who you want, to be your teacher.


At home, you have the freedom to select from the widest options of highly experienced, patient, accomplished and committed tutors for private tuition.


effective tuition

Roger Tan

PGDE, National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University,
MSc, Computing and Information Science, Cornell University,

Former MOE teacher,
15 years of teaching experience in Mathematics and H2 Mathematics

effective tuition

Lim Hua Lei

Executive Master’s in Behavioral Science, London School of Economics,
Former MOE teacher

effective tuition

Sophie Chong

MA (New York University – Steinhardt, Education and Social Policy),
BSc (Hons), Computational Biology, National University of Singapore,
12 years of teaching experience at a leading MOE school

effective tuition

Engage Qualified Tutors For Effective Physics Tuition

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In order to score really well at your exams, it is crucial that you must do 2 things properly:

1. Correctly understand the content from the syllabus
2. Thoroughly analyze what the exam question REALLY requires you to answer


Our professional tutors will effectively guide you with how to do both


Our tutors equip our students with skills to consistently do better in their annual and crucial national exams 


  • We have tuition teachers that specialize in the syllabus taught at primary school, the Gifted Education Programme, secondary school Express stream, the Integrated Programme, International Baccalaureate, secondary school Normal Academic stream, junior college (H1, H2 and H3), polytechnic modules and university modules
  • Our tutors are rigorously chosen for their ability to explain abstract and complicated concepts in a clear and simple manner
  • We pay close attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each of our students, to assess how best to help them
  • For the learning process to be effective, students need to constantly review what they have learnt. Our Physics tutors will teach you how to take notes that are not simply a summary of ideas, but are effective tools for revision and content mastery. Based on your unique learning style
  • Your notes will now be practical and concise, and will be focused on how you can gain maximum marks at each exam
  • The MOE allows schools and junior colleges in Singapore to have the autonomy to sequence the teaching of the syllabus. Different schools have therefore adopted their own approaches that are based on their respective pedagogical beliefs, as well as the academic capacity of their students. Our Physics tuition teachers have significant experience in tailoring tuition sessions to keep pace with your learning needs and your school’s curriculum
  • While students ought to have the personal responsibility to be interested in learning, our tutors know it is our duty to make each lesson engaging and interesting. All the content as well as thinking and application skills that we teach in every lesson is relevant to ensure academic success
  • Effective Tuition continually reviews our tutors’ performance, to ensure that our promise to you is met

Hiring An Experienced Tutor For Effective Physics Tuition Is Easy

Effective Tuition is the leading home tuition agency in Singapore for parents and students seeking quality private tutors. 


We meticulously recruit, interview and select Singapore’s most high-achieving and committed tutors in every academic subject and level.

Fastest Tuition Matches

Start Physics tuition this week (or tomorrow, if you prefer).


Once we understand your requirements, we will carefully identify and shortlist the most suitable and competent tutors in our network, for effective tuition at your home.


Physics tuition matches are usually completed between 3 to 12 hours after you have contacted us with your requirements.

Hire Your Ideal Physics Tutor Today

It is advisable to hire home tutors from a respected private tuition agency in Singapore.


Start today, so that you will be well-prepared for success in your exams.

Professional Tutors Help Your Grades Improve Quickly

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Largest Tuition Team

Choose from over 36,000 experienced and qualified tutors in our growing team.


We pride ourselves in 100% successfully matching our clients with the most reliable and effective tuition teachers in Singapore.

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We Retain Only The Best Tutors

Effective Tuition constantly refreshes our database, so that only the best tutors with a proven ability to teach and deliver results will remain on our priority contact list. 

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Fast And Accurate Tutor Matching

Our clients are able to select and confirm their tutors between 3 to 12 hours after contacting us.

We had helped over 100,000 students since 2007 to find their perfect tutor.

Capable Tutors

Since 2007, our commitment to parents and students has been that they will be able to choose from the best and most suitable tuition teachers who can help their grades quickly improve.


We accept only private tutors with proven track records.


When we find that a tutor is not popular, we will not include his/her profile in our database.


This has always been the most reliable method of ensuring that students are matched only with tutors who are professional, insightful, and who have solid abilities to teach.


And gives you assurance and peace of mind that you are learning the correct content from Physics experts who can guide you to academic success.


Effective Tuition provides the best personalized choices for any budget and Physics tuition requirement. 

Solve your home Physics tuition needs once and for all

Request for your ideal tutor today!

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Latest MOE Syllabus

Our qualified tutors have between 2 to over 30 years of tutoring experience. They are current/ex MOE teachers, graduated/undergradate tutors, or have PhD’s/Master’s in the subject you want tuition in.

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Effective Tuition has professional and experienced tutors who specialize in teaching PSLE, GCE O Level and GCE A Level students, polytechnic & university modules.

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Reasonable Tutor Fees

Effective Tuition provides the best tutors for every budget and home tuition requirement.


The Physics tuition matching service is FREE. You pay only for lessons conducted. If you do not like your tutor, we will find a new one right away. 


No long-term contracts, no agent fees.

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Affordable Hourly Rates

Our tutors are current/former school/JC teachers, university/polytechnic lecturers, university graduates, and experienced university students. 


Their rates range from $30/hr (experienced undergraduates) to $120/hr (MOE teachers from top schools and JCs/PhD tutors).


Every student is unique, and has different preferences in learning, as well as specific needs in learning Physics .


Effective Tuition has a proven track record and strong reputation as being very successful at accurately matching reliable and competent Physics tuition teachers that correctly suit the academic needs of each of our students.


Students who start to do well in Physics after hiring an expert tutor will start to really enjoy Physics.


It is a chicken and egg situation. So our role in this is to help you get score well in Physics exams and assignments.


You can then decide for yourself whether or not you want to like Physics 🙂


Almost everything that we do in our daily lives is related to Physics.


Physics is also useful for students who want to pursue a career in engineering, geophysics, and research-related science.


Despite the importance of Physics, many students fear it and are not able to understand the basic concepts of Physics due to its complexity – and sometimes due to the way the subject is taught.


Physics in Singapore is taught in a series of building blocks. 


If your foundation is not strong, future lessons in school might grow increasingly difficult to understand.


More importantly, you should not lose confidence in the subject, because this may cause you to feel uninterested and eventually give up on Physics.


Some students feel stressed just thinking of or hearing the word Physics. This is because they are afraid they will get the answers wrong. When they do, they often lose interest.


Physics is not a difficult subject. Students just need good guidance on how to study Physics properly through Physics tuition, and the syllabus will start to become very easy for you. 


Effective Tuition carefully hand-picks our tutors before we introduce them to you. 


Our Physics tuition teachers are accomplished experts in their field and have relevant teaching experience – which we will carefully match to our students’ personalities and learning requirements.


Our tutors can help you in your homework, assignments, revisions, and exam preparation while helping you better understand core, complicated Physics concepts.


Your competent tutor will spend as much time as needed on each specific Physics topic that is required by you, so that you will clearly understand how to apply every crucial topic when answering difficult exam questions, before we move on to other chapters.


This way, you will not feel that Physics is too difficult for you to master. 


Our home tutors are very familiar with the current syllabus and exam requirements at the primary (Science), secondary and JC levels. We also have specialist tutors for the PSLE, GCE O Levels and GCE A Levels.


Contact us now, to see exactly how we can help you master the difficult Physics chapters

Strengthen your Physics grades

physics tuition
physics tuition
physics tuition
physics tuition
physics tuition
physics tuition

Are you learning smart? Our tutors will teach you how to, during professional tuition


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Ready to make a difference in your life and the lives of others? 


Our students need guidance in Physics  – whether for a systemic review of how they answer Physics questions, or are seeking help to develop skills and techniques to score well at the major school and national exams. They want to practice on-the-spot how to improve in their abilities in answering challenging questions.


Do you love Physics? If this was your favourite subject in secondary school, junior college or at university – and you can teach it well, please do contact us!


Our tutors are familiar with Physics , because they themselves had done well in Physics when they were students. 


They know how it is taught in secondary schools and junior colleges, they know the latest exam requirements, and they know how students can answer the questions so that they can score maximum marks.


We are seeking part time and full time tutors who can teach Physics  at secondary school and JC levels.


Also, we have several assignments every day from parents seeking to engage tutors specializing in PSLE, O Level and A Level exam preparations.


Every day, we need to interview and recruit tutors in all the academic subjects taught in primary and secondary schools, junior colleges, polytechnics and universities. Tutoring locations are all over Singapore. Our clients include parents of students, as well as established tuition centres.


We welcome home tutors with experience in teaching subjects using the MOE syllabus. There is also strong demand for tutors who specialize in teaching PSLE, GCE O Level and GCE A Level students.


If you are a Physics whiz, and are able to help your students develop the relevant critical and reflective thinking skills – we want you in our tutoring team!


We work fast, so that your tuition sessions can start soon. Most of our clients are able to select and confirm their tutors between 3 to 12 hours after contacting us.


Please let us know your tutoring experience, academic results, your achievements, and your preferred teaching locations when you register at our website. We look forward to referring students to you soon. Have a great day ahead!


Register now, to be part of the best tutoring team in Singapore.


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